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    Vol.62/No.31           September 7, 1998 
280 Readers Renew `Militant' Subs  
Supporters of the socialist press have just finished a six- week campaign to expand the long-term readership of the Militant and its Spanish-language sister magazine Perspectiva Mundial by systematically asking subscribers to renew. Supporters went slightly over the international goal of selling 275 renewal subscriptions to the Militant. Fifty-two Perspectiva Mundial subscribers also signed up for another six months or more, 60 percent of the goal socialists had adopted.

More than a quarter of the subscriptions were sold by socialists in the industrial trade unions to their coworkers.

Socialist workers who are members of the United Auto Workers have sold 17 renewals of the Militant nationally. Eleven of those were sold on the job by a worker at the Ford truck plant in Edison, New Jersey.

Two other co-workers renewed their subscriptions for Perspectiva Mundial. Four auto workers who renewed their subs did so as supporters of the 1998 Socialist Workers Campaign in New Jersey collected signatures outside the plant to put the candidates on the ballot. Four others became longtime readers of the socialist press after discussing the racist leafleting of a Black community in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and the Socialist Workers Campaign protest statement.

Susan Anmuth

Newark, New Jersey

TALLADEGA, Alabama -Socialist Workers 1998 Campaign supporters and Young Socialists brought a small contingent of unionists and young people from Birmingham to participate in the anti-cop brutality demonstration here August 15, including co-workers from three plants.

Supporters of the Militant sold 23 copies of the socialist newsweekly, one introductory subscription, and distributed several hundred leaflets for the August 21 Militant Labor Forum at the Birmingham Pathfinder bookstore entitled, "Stop Racist Attacks! Stop Police Brutality!" Several demonstrators helped to distribute forum leaflets.

Jamila Williams

Birmingham, Alabama

SYDNEY, Australia - The results of our renewal campaign are 7 Militant renewals and 1 Perspectiva Mundial renewal. One Militant renewal was for a year to a coal miner who works at a Hunter Valley colliery. We met the coal miner on the picket lines during the fight by the Maritime Union of Australia to keep their union on the docks here.

Additionally, two young workers who are brothers have extended their Militant subscription for six months.

Ron Poulsen

Sydney, Australia

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