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    Vol.63/No.11           March 22, 1999 
RMI Steelworkers build March 28 strike rally  
About 150 strikers and others picketed USX's corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh March 10. Steelworkers struck Reactive Metals Inc., (RMI) in Niles, Ohio, October 1. Steelworkers carried signs calling USX and RMI "partners in greed." They shouted for USX officials to come down and explain their complicity with RMI in the company's hard-line stance in negotiations. Ray Raschilla, unit chairman of Local 2155-7, explained the strike is stronger today. He added that the March 28 strike support rally "needs to be a big message from steelworkers in the region because if they break this strike, you could be next." Strikers have been getting flyers out to other plants in the area and in local shopping centers, as well as sending a 1,000-piece mailing to steelworkers in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to encourage other locals to attend. A local radio show, "Big guys in the morning," devotes every show to discussing the strike. "The company's tactics have brought us together," said melt shop worker Bud Maiden. "It's been a long strike, but the longer we're out, the stronger we have become."

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