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Vol.64/No.17              May 1, 2000 
Striking janitors win wide 
solidarity in Los Angeles
socialism Chicago city workers settle, 
  suburban union walks out
Photo - see caption below 
Militant/Carole Lesnick 
Action in Los Angeles April 12 to support strike against 18 cleaning contractors
Front page articles 
socialism Janitors in Chicago win contract after one-day strike  
socialism Wal-Mart meat cutters stand up for union  
socialism Struggle continues to get Navy out of Vieques  
socialism Stepped-up pace needed in subscription campaign  
socialism Socialists launch fund for election campaign in 2000  
socialism Latin America and Caribbean Student Congress in Cuba  
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Working-Class Politics at the Millennium 
Jack Barnes 
The social devastation, financial panics, political turmoil, police brutality, and military assaults accelerating all around us are the inevitable forces unleashed by capitalism. But the future capitalism has in store for us can be changed by the timely solidarity, courageous action, and united struggle of workers and farmers conscious of their power to transform the world. Also available in Spanish and French. Regular price: $23.95 
Changing Face of U.S. Politics 
Working-Class Politics and the trade unions 
Jack Barnes 
A handbook for the new generation coming into the factories, mines, and mills as they react to the uncertain life, ceaseless turmoil, and brutality of capitalism today. It shows how millions of working people, as political resistance grows, will revolutionize themselves, their unions and other organizations, and all of society. Also available in Spanish and French. $19.95  

Available from bookstores, including those listed under the "Directory of Local Distributors," or write to Pathfinder, 410 West St., New York, NY 10014. Tel: (212) 741-0690. Please include $3 for shipping and handling.

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