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Vol. 74/No. 15      April 19, 2010

Sell the book on ‘Workers Power’
New York Subway I
Riding the “3 train” home from a table promoting Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power, by Jack Barnes, to workers in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, I noticed a woman intently reading our sign, “Not one penny not one person for Washington’s wars.” We struck up a conversation, and she said she agreed.

I showed her the book and explained to her why the discussion about workers power and Malcolm X was important to workers who oppose Washington’s wars. She immediately took advantage of the special offer for the book and an introductory subscription to the Militant for $15.

—Ruth Robinett

New York Subway II
Talking about Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power on the “A train” recently, we seemed to be waking people up out of the stale evening train ride. One guy tapped my shoulder and asked, “What is that you’re reading and where could I get it?”

I got into conversation with him and before I could finish showing him the pictures, he was reaching for his money.

He was interested that Malcolm X spoke fondly about the Militant. He ended up also subscribing to the paper.

After buying the book and paper he told me, “I got caught up with the energy you all displayed in your discussion about the book.” He is a barber and said he “would show the book at the shop.”

—Francisco Cambero

New York Subway III
Recently a group of us were talking on the train going uptown in Manhattan about the response we’ve been getting from workers and students to the Workers Power book. A young woman next to me seemed to be paying attention.

One of us asked if she would like to see the book we were talking about. She said, “no,” but then got interested when I started showing her the pictures of the working class and Black struggle depicted in the book. She got the book with the subscription to the Militant and said she’d try to come to the meeting on Cuba in Harlem next Monday night.

—Dan Fein
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