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Vol. 74/No. 15      April 19, 2010

Libraries are ordering
Pathfinder books
“People are beginning to realize Malcolm X is important to our lives today,” a First Nations reserve librarian remarked during a recent visit. The library in southern Ontario, Canada, ordered seven books, including Pathfinder’s new title Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power, by Jack Barnes.

Pathfinder Press sales representatives, in the first joint international effort in the United States and Canada, are visiting bookstores, libraries, colleges, and high schools to win 85 orders. The effort runs from January 1 through May 1. Fifty orders have been turned in to date. Malcolm X, Black Liberation and the Road to Workers Power, released in January, is the focus of the drive.

In February Publisher’s Weekly, a major print and online book trade journal widely read by book buyers, librarians, and others, featured an interview with Pathfinder Press editor Steve Clark. Pathfinder books “are increasingly attractive in a time of crisis,” Clark told the journal. “The capitalist financial system will continue to lead to the devastation of working people and we’re finding that people are responding to our books.”

In Washington State, sales representatives for Pathfinder contacted librarians at the Seattle public library. They purchased four copies of the title for branch libraries. Sales representatives from the Los Angeles area made nine visits recently to San Diego during a two-day regional trip. One public library buyer they met said, “I don’t take meetings with publisher’s reps normally, but I need these books.” Already 26 U.S. libraries have purchased the new book.

The Midwest Book Review, a well-known journal providing appraisals of new titles for bookstore buyers and librarians, recently published a review of Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power. The reviewer called the book “a powerful and persuasive political testimony, enhanced with black-and-white photographs, a glossary, and an index.”
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