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Vol. 77/No. 26      July 8, 2013

376 to blast over top in
subscription campaign!
(front page)
Three hundred seventy-six to go! The international 2013 spring campaign to sell 2,800 Militant subscriptions and hundreds of books on revolutionary working-class politics is heading toward a successful completion by the end of the day July 2.

Local distributors have adopted plans for each of the remaining days of the drive.

Militant supporters in New York City are gearing up to go over the 96 subscriptions they need to meet their 425 quota. “We’ve mapped out a day-by-day battle plan to take the paper to workers door to door in every borough of the city,” Deborah Liatos, organizer of the drive there, said.

“Then all those involved are planning a picnic July 4 in Morningside Park in Harlem to celebrate,” she said.

Mary Lou DeLeon, who drove a school bus in the Spring Branch area of Houston for more than 30 years, and her granddaughter Cynthia Matlage, a waitress, invited Steve Warshell and Jacquie Henderson, SWP candidates for Houston City Council and Controller, to come into the house and talk when they knocked on her door.

“What you point to in the paper about coal companies like Patriot going after the miners’ contracts and the retirees’ health and pension plans is something more and more companies are doing,” DeLeon said. “We have to stand together.”

Matlage bought a subscription, saying the whole family will share it.

One highlight of week seven of the drive is the three subscriptions we received from workers behind bars, two from Florida and the other from Texas. This brings us to 11 on a goal of 15.

“Just recently, I was introduced to the Militant newspaper and immediately became very much interested. Honestly, my financial status is a bit unfortunate. Looking forward to a lifetime membership and hopefully a great association,” wrote one of the new Florida subscribers.

The Militant Prisoners’ Fund makes it possible for inmates, often with help from friends or family, to subscribe at a reduced rate of $6 for six months. Subscriptions are also offered free of charge for those with no means to pay.

Militant supporters in Seattle sold 21 subscriptions last week, putting the campaign ahead of schedule there. This included six subscriptions and one renewal sold at an expanded picket line and barbecue in solidarity with the 62 members of Machinists Local 79 on strike since March 25 against Belshaw Adamatic Bakery in Auburn, Wash.

Militant supporters from Sydney, Australia, went for the second time to Mussellbrook in the coal mining Hunter Valley June 15, selling five subscriptions door to door, wrote Joanne Kuniansky. “There now are nine Militant subscribers in that town, including four coal miners,” she said.

The final subscription chart for the drive will be printed in next week’s issue.

Expanding the circulation of the socialist newsweekly is an ongoing effort that will continue long after the current campaign comes to a close. To join, call distributors in your area (see directory on page 8) or contact us at (212) 244-4899 or
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