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‘Militant’ launches spring subscription, fund drives
Tells truth, builds solidarity with workers’ fights
US seeks Iran ‘reset,’ Middle East turmoil grows
Oil strikers stay strong against BP, Marathon, LyondellBasell
DC transit workers speak out against bosses’ safety violations
Capitalist greed is driving force behind deadly NY gas explosion
Protests demand charges against Philadelphia cops in killing
Cubans’ ‘revolutionary ethics’ lead to advances against Ebola
Record of Militant Fightning Fund
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A socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people
Vol. 79/No. 13      April 13, 2015



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‘Militant’ launches spring subscription, fund drives

Tells truth, builds solidarity with workers’ fights

Militant/Ron Poulsen

Militant, communist campaigns build workersí struggles. Joanne Kuniansky, right, Communist League candidate for Australian Parliament, joins March 4 march against threat of govít cuts.

On April 11 the Militant kicks off a seven-week international campaign to win new subscribers, coupled with launching the Militant Fighting Fund to help meet the paper’s 2015 financial needs. Working people need the Militant, a socialist newsweekly that builds solidarity with every struggle against exploitation and injustice, tells the truth about capitalism’s world disorder and points a way forward for organizing a revolutionary movement to bring workers and farmers to power.

We call on readers to join in.

Members of the Socialist Workers Party, Communist Leagues in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, readers throughout the world and workers seeking to get out news about the strikes and political battles they are engaged in will take the Militant and Pathfinder books on revolutionary politics to workers and farmers in big cities, small towns and rural areas worldwide.

The bedrock of the campaign will be taking the paper onto workers’ doorsteps in working-class neighborhoods. Participants in the drive will also introduce the Militant at strike picket lines, at demonstrations against police brutality, at meetings in defense of women’s right to abortion and at other political and labor events.

The Militant joins in the fight to end the 55-year U.S. embargo against Cuba. It reports weekly on developments in the living Cuban Revolution, a powerful example for working people worldwide.

The paper features the activities and statements of candidates of the Socialist Workers Party in the U.S. and Communist Leagues around the world — like Glova Scott running for city council in Washington, D.C., Beverly Bernardo in Quebec running for Canadian parliament and Paul Davies in Manchester, England, running for Parliament in the UK. The communist candidates explain how out of today’s class battles workers will transform themselves, gain consciousness and confidence and organize a massive proletarian movement that can take political power out of the hands of the propertied rulers.

The Militant publicizes and reports on weekly Friday night Militant Labor Forums, where workers can join free-speech discussions on key political questions as they unfold. Recent forums in different cities and countries have dealt with the meaning of the elections in Israel, opposition to Russian intervention in Ukraine, prison gag laws and building solidarity with labor battles.

Four books from Pathfinder Press — Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power; Absolved by Solidarity; Voices From Prison: The Cuban Five; and The Working Class and the Transformation of Learning — are offered at special discounted prices to subscribers (see ad below). Local distributors will offer additional book-subscription offers on Pathfinder titles and issues of the Marxist magazine New International in response to political developments.

The Militant depends on readers’ contributions to publish every week. It accepts no paid advertising. The annual Militant Fighting Fund appeals to all who appreciate and respect the paper to financially back it.

Distributors of the paper find that the bosses’ grinding offensive against workers and farmers, seeking to make us pay for the crisis of their capitalist system, means there are far-reaching opportunities to expand the Militant’s readership.

“I’m interested in anything to do with safety, and there is nothing out there that offers that kind of information,” Stephanie Katelnikoff, 25, told Katy LeRougetel, Communist League candidate in the provincial election in Calgary, Canada, getting a subscription as they met over coffee March 21. Katelnikoff, a former Canadian Pacific Rail conductor, is fighting a trumped-up firing by the rail bosses. She first saw the Militant in February on the picket line during a rail strike.

Socialist workers have been taking the Militant to picket lines of striking oil refinery workers across the U.S.

“We’ve gone to oil workers’ picket lines throughout the area every week,” reported Danielle London from Houston March 30. “We’ve gotten a very good response. So far 22 strikers have taken out subscriptions and more than 100 have bought a copy of the paper.”

To join in the drive, contact distributors in your area listed on page 10.

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