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Vol. 79/No. 39      November 2, 2015

SWP candidate ‘brings working-class
issues to forefront’

“His pro-labor stances have brought working-class issues to the forefront of the campaign,” reads a profile of Osborne Hart, Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor, in the Philadelphia Daily News. “His well-stated arguments for stronger representation of workers’ rights and benefits have given mainstream credence to the Socialist Workers Party he represents.” The profile includes a photo of Hart, above, wearing a $15/hr minimum wage button.

Hart and fellow SWP candidate John Staggs for City Council at-large are receiving increasing attention in the media.

Hart spoke at the United Way candidates debate Sept. 29 and has been interviewed by radio stations WHYY and WURD-AM. Staggs will be interviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer Oct. 22 and will take part in a candidates debate Oct. 27 sponsored by the Committee of Seventy. Hart is writing an op-ed piece to be published in the Inquirer Oct. 25.

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