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Vol. 81/No. 12      March 27, 2017


Communist League protests attacks on Muslims

MONTREAL — On March 1 a group calling itself the Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada or C4 sent a bomb threat targeting Muslims at Concordia University to local media outlets. The threat to set off daily bombs from March 1- 3 came as the Muslim Students Association was holding “Islam Awareness Week” on the campus. The university administration evacuated three buildings at the school’s downtown campus.

A similar note was sent to nearby McGill University’s radio station CKUT, threatening future actions against Muslims there.

These threats come after the murder of six Muslims on Jan. 29 at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec City and vandalism against two mosques in Montreal — the Khadijah Centre and the Mosque Tawuba — in February.

Philippe Tessier, Communist League candidate for mayor of Montreal, sent a message to the Muslim Students Association condemning the bomb threat and demanding that its perpetrators be “arrested, prosecuted, and jailed.” He called on “all working people and our unions to speak out against scapegoating and victimizations of Muslims and Jews.”

On Feb. 27, a bomb threat had forced the closure of the Calgary Jewish Community Centre.

The next day MSA members welcomed people to their Awareness Week information tables set up in a busy campus pavilion. They offered samosas, donuts, and cotton candy to those who came to discuss with them.

“We planned this event to continue through today, and, with the support of the university, we decided we would not be intimidated. That’s why we’re here today, despite the threats,” Rim Hamila, an MSA vice president, told the Militant.

“We wanted to show we have nothing to hide,” said Ibrahim, another MSA member. “Many students and professors have come by to tell us they are happy we are holding this event.”

Tessier came to express his solidarity and join the discussion.

“I think everyone has a right to their religious beliefs; we are all human beings,” Ahmed Joma told Tessier. “I think the majority oppose these attacks perpetrated by sick individuals.”

“I think the problem is deeper,” Tessier said. “The bosses and their government seek to divide working people and turn us against each other. That’s why the mobilizations taking place today in the United States against the deportation of immigrants are so important.

“Your event today is part of that fight back,” he said.
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