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Vol. 81/No. 20      May 22, 2017


Brigade participants learn about Cuban revolution


HAVANA — Over 300 people from 29 countries joined in the 12th May Day International Brigade to Cuba April 23 to May 8. Participants learned about the Cuban Revolution and the challenges facing workers and farmers there today, preparing to return home to fight more effectively against Washington’s economic and political attacks on Cuba’s socialist revolution and tell the U.S. rulers to get out of Guantánamo!

“I’ve never experienced anything like this,” said Michael Tidmore during the march of hundreds of thousands in Revolution Square here May 1. Tidmore, from Chicago, was one of over 50 people from the U.S. who were part of the brigade, above, the first time a U.S. contingent has been in the annual brigade.

We visited museums and hospitals, heard political talks on the revolution, talked with leaders of mass organizations and people on the streets, attended an international solidarity conference and visited Playa Girón — site of the U.S.-organized invasion in April 1961, defeated in less than 72 hours by the mobilization of the Cuban people.

“The brigade was an empowering experience,” said Jonathan Batres, from Los Angeles. “Cuba shows we can change the world.”


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