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Vol. 81/No. 27      July 24, 2017


25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

July 31, 1992
Under the guise of “supporting humanitarian relief operations” for the Muslim, Serbian, and Croatian population under siege in Sarajevo, the world’s major imperialist powers have begun moving warships into the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Yugoslavia.

[President George] Bush, President François Mitterrand of France, Prime Minister John Major of Britain, and the other heads of state of the major industrial powers hope to gain acceptance for greater military action due to the revulsion of people around the world at the slaughter taking place in Bosnia.

Muslim Slavs, who make up more than 40 percent of the country’s population, continue to put up resistance along with many Croats, and Serbs to the militarily superior Serbian forces who have been relentlessly shelling Sarajevo and other towns.

July 24, 1967
NEWARK — “A City’s Shame.” That was the heading on a Newark News editorial. But black people aren’t buying that line. There’s a feeling of elation at having struck back at the criminal, hypocritical power structure that has ground us down for so long.

I was about six blocks away from where it all started. A black cab driver was arrested over some trivial business of following too close behind a squad car. The police were seen to brutally beat him and drag him to the Fourth Precinct a few blocks away.

It was the climax of a long series of insanely brutal acts by the cops. The “riot” was on.

A middle-aged woman said: “With all the Toms in soft political jobs and thousands of kids have nothing except to go to Vietnam and come back in boxes, what do you expect?”

July 25, 1942
In recent weeks German armies have added thousands of square miles to their previous conquests in the first year of the war, which amount to half a million square miles of Soviet territory.

By overrunning the Donets basin, the Nazis have deprived the Soviet Union of its coal, iron and steel base.

The bankruptcy of Stalinist leadership and of the Stalinist policy of depending on the imperialist “democracies” should now be clear even to the blind.

There is still time to issue the Bolshevik call of international solidarity and to summon the workers, above all the workers of Germany, to struggle side by side with the Red Army and the Soviet masses for the overthrow of all imperialism, whether fascist or “democratic,” and for the establishment of the Socialist United States of Europe.  
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