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Vol. 81/No. 38      October 16, 2017



The Socialist Workers Party’s $100,000 fall fund drive helps finance the work of the party. There is increasing interest in the SWP, the Militant, and revolutionary books that explain why the capitalist world order of imperialist alliances and “spheres of influence” that have marked politics for decades are coming apart — from the unraveling of the European Union, to the Kurdish fight for independence roiling the war-shaken Middle East, to rising challenges to Washington’s hegemony from China, Russia and more.

Recent contributions to the SWP fund give an indication of what’s possible. Jacquie Henderson writes from the Twin Cities that party members there are sending in $140 from “contributions from five people we met when we knocked on their doors over the past week.”

“I don’t know that we can promise this amount every week from taking the party to working-class neighborhoods throughout the state,” she said, “but if we keep asking, if we continue to give people that we meet the opportunity to help in the work of the party in this way, it should add up to a substantial amount towards our quota of $4,800.”

Cecelie Brown, who works at a Philadelphia-area Walmart store, donated $10 to the SWP fund. “I believe in the working class, and if we can take over and rule, the world will have a better chance,” she said. “But we need unity and I think the SWP is a big help in establishing that. I hope other workers will join in contributing to the fund.”

If you’d like to sign up for a Militant subscription, order books on special or make a contribution to the party Fund, contact the party office nearest you, listed in the directory on page 8.
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