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    Vol.60/No.12           March 25, 1996 
Demand Parole For Peltier Now!  

The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee has issued a statement requesting all supporters of democratic rights demand the public release of the parole hearing officer's recommendation in the case of framed-up Native American activist Leonard Peltier. The defense committee urges supporters to send messaages to the National Parole Commission demanding the immediate parole of Peltier.

Peltier, a leader of the American Indian Movement, was framed up by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and given two consecutive life sentences in 1977.

The parole hearing officer conducted the hearing on Peltier's case on Dec. 11, 1995, but no recommendation has been made public. A final decision was expected by the National Commission in January. This delay is cause for "great concern," said Peltier's committee.

The defense committee is asking supporters to contact the United States Parole Commission at the following telephone numbers: (301) 492-5952 or (301) 492-5821, or these fax numbers: (301) 492-6694, (301) 492-5525, (301) 492-5307.

The statement concludes, "Please don't sit by while justice is buried! Act now!"

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