The Militant(logo) 
    Vol.60/No.7           February 19, 1996 
`Militant' Plant Gate Sales To Soo Line Railworkers  


MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota - In an effort to strengthen plant gate sales to industrial workers as a part of a campaign against the imperialist war drive in Yugoslavia, Militant supporters here have resumed selling at the Canadian Pacific/Soo Line railroad yard - site of a 47-day strike in 1994.

Despite temperatures averaging 5 degrees Fahrenheit during sales on three consecutive weekends, the teams have sold six copies of the Militant to different railroad workers, half of them new readers of the paper. Sales team members stay warm by taking turns inside an idling car.

One railroad switchman rejected the idea pushed daily in the media that Washington's troops would bring peace to Yugoslavia, on the day of the announcement of the first U.S. fatality there. "They're getting the body bags ready," he said. "You can tell something is coming."

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