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    Vol.61/No.28           August 25, 1997 
March For Immigrant Rights Set For October 12  
NEW YORK - Plans are under way here to build an immigrant rights demonstration scheduled for October 12 in front of the United Nations. The demonstration, called by Coordina dora 96, is being organized out of the offices of the Immigrant Workers Association, explained Mónica Santana, one of the local organizers. Santana, also a leader of the Latino Workers Center in New York, explained the importance of the next event. It will be "a press conference at the United Nations on August 29 to help to publicize the demonstration." Along with several other immigrant rights organizations in the region, they are collecting signatures on a petition in support of a bill in Congress "to reinstate benefits for legal immigrants who are not citizens," and for "a new general amnesty for all undocumented people."

Santana added that on August 30 there will be a meeting in New York of organizers of Coordinadora 96 from around the country. The meeting will be open to all those who want to help build the October 12 demonstration at the United Nations. Coordinadora 96 is the coalition that built the 20,000-strong march for immigrant rights in Washington, D.C., last October. There are also plans for a "Continental Conference" on immigrants rights in the Dominican Republic late in September. For more information on all these upcoming events call Miguel Maldonado at the Immigrant Workers Association in New York at (212) 505-0001.  
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