The Militant(logo) 
    Vol.61/No.28           August 25, 1997 
Oppose Cuba Travel Ban  
Defend the right to travel. That's what is needed as part of welcoming back the hundreds of young people returning to the United States from the world youth festival in Havana. At least 39 were interrogated and harassed by U.S. customs agents on their return, and threatened with prosecution under Washington's draconian restrictions on travel to socialist Cuba.

The travel ban is one of the weapons in the U.S. government's permanent cold war against the Cuban revolution. Along with a nearly four-decade economic embargo, tightened by the Clinton administration, the capitalist rulers try to prevent workers and rebel-minded youth from meeting fellow workers and farmers who have made a socialist revolution and established their own government.

The Cuban example of standing up to Uncle Sam and winning is a dangerous one to the bosses and their political representatives in Washington.

All those who support freedom of speech and the right to travel must be vigilant against any attempts to prosecute the participants in the world youth festival.

Report-back meetings and articles on the gathering will offer a good opportunity to get out the facts and expose Washington's undemocratic restrictions.

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