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    Vol.62/No.20           May 25, 1998 
The Great Society  

2 class outlooks? - During that McDonald's walkout for dignity in Macedonia, Ohio, a company spokesperson declared: "Our employees are our `special sauce.' We take their concerns very seriously." And a striker: "We are being treated like ground meat."

Never fails - "Tokyo - Average wages and household spending fell in March, with the country's economic troubles hitting the blue-collar workers the hardest.... The average monthly salary declined for the eighth straight month." - Associated Press.

Uncle still top vulture - For the first time since the U.S. military occupation after World War II, the dollar is again legal tender in Japan.

It really is a great society - On a Maryland school bus, Christine Rhodes, 12, realized a schoolmate was having a severe asthma attack. While the driver was calling for help, she passed over her own prescription inhaler - which classifies her as a "drug trafficker." That will be in her record for three years. School officials did exercise leniency. Rhodes could have also been suspended, but wasn't.

Maybe now they can afford a raise - An Australian supermarket chain has replaced time clocks with fingerprint scanners so employees can't leave a bit earlier and have a co-worker punch them out.

The guesstimate is that it saves about 2 percent of the payroll.

`See you at the track' - A London detective sergeant was accused by an informer of raping her, supplying her with narcotics, and stealing drugs and money. Officials decided the evidence was insufficient, but they did suspend him for three years - with full pay.

Probably so - "The Navy named its newest and most fearsome submarine the USS Jimmy Carter....

"Carter said he found no contradiction between lending his name to a nuclear-powered warship and his post-White House career as an international peacemaker." -News item  
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