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    Vol.62/No.4           February 2, 1998 
`Inspectors Out Of Iraq'  

CHICAGO - Some 25 people marched in front of the Federal building here January 20 protesting the latest U.S. war moves against Iraq. The protest was called on two day's notice and sponsored by the Chicago Young Socialists and the Socialist Workers Party.

The workers and youth at the picket line chanted "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, UN Inspectors Have Got To Go," "U.S. Hands Off Iraq," and "Self Determination! Iraq is a Sovereign Nation!"

Luis Galarza from the Chicago Cuba Coalition told the Militant, that he was there because "I am opposed to aggression against any country. No country has the right to inspect another country. You don't let your neighbor see what's in your house. Why let your enemy?"

Galarza is also one of the organizers of the Comité Nacional Puertoriqueño `98 that is organizing Chicago's participation in the July 25 March on Washington to protest the U.S. invasion of Puerto Rico 100 years ago. He reported they are getting a good response for the march, especially from many Puerto Ricans and Filipinos.

Jack Willey, a leader of the Young Socialists, addressed the crowd at the end of the protest. "Once again, the Clinton administration is on the prod against Iraq, using the pretext of Baghdad having weapons of mass destruction. Washington is the only government to use nuclear weapons, bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. This is the same government that invaded Panama, led an occupation of Haiti and has led the occupation of Yugoslavia."

Willey continued, "This latest war threat comes after the failure of the White House to get any semblance of a coalition to support its November attempt at military action. Richard Butler, U.N. Chief Arms Inspector, held a press conference today, claiming that talks with Iraq are not going anywhere. In the days ahead, it will be important to get the truth out at factories, schools and in the streets and to remain vigilant and prepared for more actions like this one to demand `U.S. Hands Off Iraq,' `End the Embargo,' and `No to UN Inspection Teams.' "


BOSTON - Twenty people chanted, "US hands off Iraq! End the sanctions now!" and passed out flyers to workers and young people passing by during a spirited demonstration here January 20 in front of the John F. Kennedy Federal building.

They opposed Washington's latest military threats against Iraq, the brutal seven-year-long sanctions, and pledged to continue organizing to protest Washington's aggressive policies.

Carol Thomas from the July 26 Coalition in Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution; Andrea Morell from the Socialist Workers Party, who is a member of the United Transportation Union; and Jim Casteris, representing Veterans for Peace gave brief remarks opposing the U.S. government policy.


Other actions organized across the country against Clinton's latest war moves included a January 20 demonstration at the Federal building in Los Angeles where 20 people participated; a January 21 protest in Des Moines, Iowa; a January 22 rally at the Federal Building in New York; and a picket line planned for January 23 in Houston.  
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