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    Vol.62/No.4           February 2, 1998 
Last week's issue of the Militant published a column by me that quoted Lenin Fernández, a young worker in Vancouver, as saying, "Imperialism lost in Vietnam; it lost in Cuba; and it lost in Nicaragua. It's not as strong as it was before." I wrote that I agreed entirely with that statement.

I do agree that imperialism is weaker today, but this statement is wrong with respect to Nicaragua. The workers and farmers of Nicaragua did deal a military defeat to the contras - counter-revolutionary forces that were armed and funded by Washington - after many years of war. But the government led by the Sandinista National Liberation Front, which came to power in a 1979 revolution, recoiled from consistently turning to the ranks of workers and peasants, as the communist leadership in Cuba had done in the early years of the revolution there. By searching for an accommodation with imperialism, the leadership set the stage for the revolution's eventual defeat, and this was a victory for imperialism.

s/Joshua Carroll  
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