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   Vol.66/No.33           September 2, 2002  
‘Missile crisis book is
lead title in sales effort
SAN FRANCISCO--Pathfinder Reprint Project volunteers are mapping out an ambitious campaign to sell thousands of copies of October 1962: The "Missile" Crisis as Seen from Cuba, set for publication October 15 by Pathfinder Press. They are proposing that supporters of Pathfinder around the world organize to visit 200 bookstores and libraries between now and October 15 when the new title will be shipped.

Forty years ago, the Cuban "missile crisis" brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. October 1962: The "Missile" Crisis as Seen from Cuba offers, for the first time in English, the Cuban perspective on these historic events. Author Tomás Diez draws on Cuban sources, as well as recently declassified CIA and Pentagon files, to explain that the roots of the crisis lay in Washington’s unrelenting attempts to overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

Reprint Project volunteers have designed an attractive promotional flyer for the new book. A press release is being prepared, and volunteers plan to follow up with efforts to secure articles and book reviews in major newspapers as well as publications oriented to the book industry. Plans are being put together to contact professors and teachers whose courses in politics, history, and Latin American studies would be enhanced by a book detailing Cuba’s actions in what revolutionary leader Ernesto Che Guevara called the "brilliant yet sad" days of October 1962.

Volunteers also plan to use the opportunity to promote other titles recently published by Pathfinder, including From the Escambray to the Congo: In the Whirlwind of the Cuban Revolution, an interview with Cuban revolutionary leader Victor Dreke; and English, French, and Spanish editions of The History of American Trotskyism, 1928–38: Report of a Participant by James P. Cannon; and Their Trotsky and Ours by Jack Barnes.

Over the past four years, volunteers in several countries organized by the Pathfinder Reprint Project have been working to put the entire catalogue of revolutionary literature published by Pathfinder Press into digital form, enabling the publisher to respond to political developments with the books that fighting workers need. As volunteers’ competence and skills have grown, they have taken on the technical production of Pathfinder’s new titles as well.

As the Reprint Project volunteers gear up to assume responsibility for the major task of organizing international sales of Pathfinder literature, a national sales steering committee is being established, along with sales directors or steering committees in each area. A new section of the Reprint Project’s web-based database has been added for the use of these leadership bodies and individuals, and all volunteers will be able to use it to post local activities, and access regular sales reports and other information that will add to the organization of the international sales force.

Volunteers currently working on the Reprint Project’s production teams will produce all the promotional materials needed for the sales effort, including Advance Book Information notices, flyers, and press releases. As each new book is published, Pathfinder sales representatives will be able to quickly get out promotional information in their local areas.

The first meeting of the new national steering committee will take place during the Red Weekend to be held in Atlanta August 30–September 2, as crews set up the new Pathfinder Distribution Center there.  
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