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   Vol. 67/No. 13           April 21, 2003  
‘Time to close the gap
in the Militant fund’
As the $85,000 Militant/Perspectiva Mundial Fund campaign approaches the halfway point, supporters of these socialist publications in most areas have a substantial challenge in front of them to close the gap between the funds pledged and those collected thus far.

At Week 4 a total of $9,178 is in hand, with another $4,620 reported to be in the mail. To be on a steady course to complete the drive these figures combined should be at $37,400.

A key part of closing the gap will be successful fund-raising events organized over the next couple of weeks around which campaigners can focus their efforts. Reaching the local and international goals means appealing as broadly as possible--well beyond longtime supporters--to workers, youth, and others who read the Militant or Perspectiva Mundial and who, if asked, would gladly make a contribution to help sustain these working-class periodicals.

One recent such event was held in New York April 3. The Pathfinder bookstore in Manhattan’s Garment District, where the event was held, was packed. Some students and several others present said it was their first visit to the Pathfinder bookstore, which sells the Militant and Perspectiva Mundial as well as books on revolutionary politics. Ma’mud Shirvani, the Farsi-language editor of Pathfinder Press, gave a presentation on the imperialist war drive in the Mideast that explained the legacy of the Iranian revolution today.

In his talk, Shirvani pointed to the importance of the on-the-scene coverage from Iran that the Militant brought its readers during and after the 1979 popular insurrection that overthrew the U.S.-backed monarchy there. Today, Shirvani explained, that coverage is an important contribution to the recorded history of the revolution, and a testimony to the importance of sending Militant reporters to respond to developments in the class struggle around the world. Those attending the meeting raised more than $1,400 for the fund.

This fund campaign makes it possible to produce the Militant and Perspectiva Mundial, as well as international and national reporting trips. The $85,000 is needed to help cover costs of printing and shipping, renting the office space, paying the phone and electricity bills, and maintaining the equipment needed to put out a new issue of the Militant each week. Those funds are needed now to help cover expenses that have come due.

Campaigners are asked to send in brief reports covering the progress of the fund-raising efforts in their areas by 8:00 a.m. on Mondays.  
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