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   Vol. 67/No. 13           April 21, 2003  
Canadian troops out of Mideast!
The ‘Militant’ is providing editorial space this week for the publication of excerpts from a statement released April 4 by Yannick Duguay and Sylvie Charbin, Communist League candidates in the Montreal ridings of Viau and Laurier-Dorion, respectively, in the April 14 Quebec provincial elections; and Patricia O’Beirne, Communist League candidate for mayor of Toronto in the November 10 municipal election.

All opponents of the U.S.-led war on Iraq should demand the immediate withdrawal of all Canadian military personnel and ships from Afghanistan, Iraq, and the rest of the Mideast as part of the fight for the withdrawal of U.S. and all other imperialist forces from Iraq.

The March 17 pronouncements by Canada’s Liberal government are a fake and a fraud (see page 2 article). Ottawa’s actions speak louder than words. They show that Canada’s capitalist rulers not only support the onslaught against the Iraqi people led by Washington, but are part and parcel of the military effort to conquer Iraq.

There are currently over 2,000 Canadian armed forces in Afghanistan, the Arab-Persian Gulf, and elsewhere in the Middle East, supposedly restricted to participating in the "war against terrorism." These forces include three navy frigates and military officers participating in the British assault against the city of Basra. Ottawa’s military personnel have helped to plan and execute Washington’s war strategy. They are involved in aiding the work in the systems that guide the jet fighters and bombs that are used to slaughter the Iraqi people.

There is no mystery to Ottawa’s actions. Government ministers have stated their support for the U.S. goal of toppling the Iraqi regime and have expressed their hope for a "swift victory." Ottawa is also calling for an international tribunal to try Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and other Iraqi officials if they are captured alive....

Workers and farmers in Canada have no interest in supporting either side in the ruling-class debate--the Liberals running Ottawa who posture as "antiwar" or those who advocate a more honest, from the point of view of the rulers, prowar course. Whatever their tactical differences, the rulers are driven by the unfolding capitalist depression towards participation in a series of imperialist wars. They are united in the drive to make workers and farmers abroad and here at home pay for the crisis of their profit system.

This is why the Canadian government has put into place a series of so-called "antiterrorist" laws that directly attack workers rights.... These laws will more and more be used against other workers. Air Canada workers currently resisting demands by their bosses for draconian cuts in wages and benefits, as the company files for bankruptcy protection, could become such a target, for example.By resisting the bosses’ demands for concessions, Air Canada workers are showing that they will not subordinate their class interests for the good of the company and its stockholders....

Workers, farmers, and young people need to oppose the imperialist war in Iraq and Ottawa’s contribution to it. It is along this road that a mass revolutionary movement can be built with the power to replace the regime of the war makers in Ottawa with a workers and farmers government that can organize working people across Canada to overthrow capitalism and join in the worldwide struggle for socialism.

All Canadian forces out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the rest of the Middle East now!
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