The Militant (logo)  
   Vol. 67/No. 37           October 27, 2003  
‘La migra’ grabs 60 in Miami workplace raid
Some 60 workers were arrested October 3 in an immigration raid at a federal courthouse under construction in Miami.

Workers who witnessed the arrests said close to 100 uniformed cops from the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other police agencies surrounded the fenced-off property, while another half a dozen agents watched from a nearby rooftop with binoculars and radios as they entered the construction site and began the arrests.

The immigrant workers were forced down on their knees to the ground with their wrists tied behind their backs.

“They came in with ample manpower. Believe me,” Gary Lott, an iron worker from Fort Lauderdale, said to the Miami Herald.

This is the second time in the last few months the immigration police have carried out a raid at this site.  
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