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   Vol. 70/No. 5           February 6, 2006  
Great Society
Read it and retch
—Phillip Yason, a World War II veteran, died a year ago and was buried in the cemetery of a Jewish community in the London area. His grandson wrote an epitaph that was carved on the cemetery headstone. However, the community has a “Jewish court,” which apparently enjoys enough community support to make “legal” decisions. The court ordered the Yason epitaph removed, asserting it was “political.” What was carved in the offending stone? “Gentleman, Thinker, Socialist”! His family is angered and demanding the epitaph remain as a simple description of what Yason was.

The ‘Free World’ leaders—Recently released British documents on World War II show that London ordered its army to follow the official U.S. military policy at the time of segregating nonwhite troops. Previously, until then, the UK rulers grabbed men from the colonies they ruled and let Black troops share facilities with white soldiers. After the war, the White House had to end official segregation and, to some extent, so did the UK.

A mass burning of credit cards?—The Irish Independent reported on the giant debts status of folks in the United Kingdom, an unbelievable 1.13 trillion (1=$1.76). Apparently runaway Xmas shopping cards became chaotic. The media is reporting: “Average household debt—excluding mortgages—is 7,650,” and “Half of all heavy debtors suffer from depression.”

Please note—The Great Society is now slated to appear twice a month, not weekly.  
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