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   Vol. 70/No. 8           February 27, 2006  
Opportunities seem endless to win
new, repeat ‘Militant’ subscribers
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“The opportunities to win new and repeat subscribers seem endless,” said Rachele Fruit in a recent note to the Militant. Fruit is a supporter of the paper and member of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) at a meatpacking plant in Atlanta.

Her report is typical of others showing steady progress in the seven-week effort to increase the Militant’s long-term readership.

“We recently had dinner with one of my co-workers and a friend of hers visiting from Savannah, Georgia,” Fruit said. “They are young women, both Black, who used to work together in a poultry plant outside Savannah. Both have boyfriends who are truckers. A number of stories in the Militant about union-organizing and other struggles are of interest to them. My co-worker renewed her subscription and her friend got an introductory sub too.

“We have several other subs in the works. They include three subscribers who are members of the Teamsters union. One is an independent owner-operator in Savannah, and another works at UPS. We are also visiting farmers in Marshallville, a town where cops killed Clarence Walker two weeks ago.”

Over the last week, the Militant received 171 subscriptions—80 renewals and long-term subs and 91 introductory. In the next seven days, after the end of a special outreach effort, a “target week,” another 230 subs are needed to be on schedule. Militant supporters in several areas report efforts to meet that mark.

“In Los Angeles we increased our quota to 75,” Naomi Craine, a garment worker, said in a February 14 note. “Our target week got off to a great start. A team of three from here went to Kearny, Arizona, where copper miners struck Asarco last year. About 20 workers in the area subscribed to the Militant last fall. The Kearny team sold one renewal and three introductory subs. The renewal was from a housekeeper and her husband, one of the copper strikers. They extended their sub and also endorsed the Militant Fighting Fund [see front-page article] and donated $20.”

Other Militant supporters from Los Angeles and San Francisco visited Fresno, California. “A worker at Harris Beef, a unionized plant, who renewed his sub and endorsed the Militant Fighting Fund, said the Militant’s coverage on the fight for job safety is unique,” said Lea Sherman. ‘You can’t get this information anywhere else,’ he said. ‘When we have a safety problem we go straight to the union,’ he explained, describing how his brother’s hand was cut off at the wrist on the job. He was flown to San Francisco immediately for an operation that has now restored motion in his hand, because there is a nurse on site and a union.” The Fresno team sold three renewals, three introductory subs, and 46 copies of the Militant.

Carlos Sánchez reported that three workers from a Hormel meatpacking plant in Austin, Minnesota, joined other Militant supporters in the Twin Cities who fanned out in various teams in the region last weekend. They sold nine introductory subs, five renewals, and got more than 20 endorsements for the Militant Fighting Fund.

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