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   Vol. 70/No. 8           February 27, 2006  
Great Society
Louisiana home owners face strangling—“Baton Rouge—The Louisiana Insurance Rating Commission reluctantly [!] approved its first post-Katrina increase in homeowners insurance rates Wednesday, beginning what is likely to be a painful stream of rate increases [23 percent plus!]” reported the January 19 New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Just puke—A member of the Louisiana insurance commission said of the rate hike, “We do have a little indigestion.”

Headstone victory—Previously we had the London report about Philip Yason, who was buried in a Jewish cemetery. An order was issued to remove his family epitaph engraved on his headstone: “Gentleman, thinker, socialist.” There was enough angry protest for the Jewish court to rule that “socialism” was not a religious issue.

“P” as in putrid?—The Toronto Globe and Mail reports the impact of an indecent word that harms the economy. Citing research, the finance minister has warned bosses to avoid the “P” word at all costs. Researchers said people really get ticked by the word.

“Productivity”—Some folks suspect that what it really means is layoffs and squeezing more work out of fewer workers. The “P” word may well also voice the demand for dignity on the job.

A sticky issue (ho, ho)—Some people worry about the pollution of earth, water and air. Others warn of global warming. But in Ireland, the food industry will cough up 6 million euros (US$7.2 million). The aim will be to convince consumers to dispose of chewing gum in a proper way. A gum tax may be imposed. Ireland’s environmental minister saluted the program as “a significant step forward.”  
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