The Militant (logo) 
    Vol. 70/No. 8           February 27, 2006 
Caracas World Social Forum:
Young Socialists hold workshop
on class struggle in U.S

CARACAS, Venezuela—The Young Socialists held a workshop (above) on “The Class Struggle in the U.S. and the Fight Against Imperialism,” during the World Social Forum held here January 24-29. Rebecca Williamson, a Young Socialist from St. Paul, Minnesota, spoke on workers’ resistance to the bosses’ offensive on wages and job conditions. She pointed to examples of labor struggles today, such as the strike by mechanics at Northwest Airlines, the union-organizing drive by Co-Op miners in Utah, and New York City transit workers’ struggle for a decent contract. Organizing solidarity with and being part of such struggles is central to building a revolutionary socialist movement, she said. “The problems working people confront in the U.S. are the same around the world,” responded María Cristina Martínez, a 22-year-old student at the Bolivarian University here. YS members also won 18 new endorsers to the Militant Fighting Fund (see front-page article) at the Forum. And they sold nearly 600 Pathfinder books and pamphlets and copies of the Marxist magazine New International.

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