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   Vol. 70/No. 23           June 19, 2006  
Great Society
Sock it to them—South Korean protesters massed in the capital city of Seoul to thwart U.S. military forces from relocating their headquarters to a site that would demolish several villages and drive nearby farmers from their land. South Korean cops put the demonstrators at some 6,000. A U.S. wire service reported that the angry demonstrators numbered in the “thousands.”

Ambulance chasers doing well—“LONDON —Thousands of miners with chronic chest disease have been paid less than 100 (US$176) in compensation under a programme that earned their solicitors [lawyers] 20 times as much per case.”—The Times, London.

Bienvenidos!—“A DataQuick Information Systems analysis of deeds and county assessment data shows a dramatic rise in the number of Hispanic and Asian home buyers since 2000.”—News item.

Seems a bit like capitalism—“Anchorage, Alaska—Maggie the elephant is not taking to her treadmill just yet. Alaska Zoo employees have been trying to coax the 8,000-pound elephant onto the $100,000 custom-made machine. So far she's more interested in the treats she gets for trying to use it. It may take months to get Maggie fully on board.”

Urban removal—“Wilmington, Delaware—Mayor James Baker helped cut the ribbon at the first high-rise housing development on the riverfront. The residences at Christina Landing have about 170 rental units, ranging in price from $1,300 to $2,800 a month. Baker said government and business were working together to revitalize the area.”—News item.

Read it, retch, and rebel—“Lebanon, Pennsylvania—A couple pleaded guilty to abusing and neglecting residents of five personal-care homes they operated in Lebanon County.” They “face possible prison time when sentenced in June. Prosecutors alleged that home residents were fed rotten food and put to work stuffing inserts into newspapers while sitting in an unheated garage”—USA Today.

From a lofty perch—Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren sees housing as key to the high cost of living. She is cited in several spots, including the Charlottesville, Virginia, Daily Progress. She advises a condo for those who can’t afford a house; limit a family to one car; get a second job; and move to a less expensive school district.  
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