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   Vol. 71/No. 5           February 5, 2007  
‘Militant’ sub renewal drive off to good start
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January 24—A five-week campaign to expand the Militant’s long-term readership is off to a running start. More than 60 readers have renewed or bought new long-term subscriptions in the first five days of the effort.

The drive, which runs from January 20 through February 25, aims to win 500 people to renew their subscription or sign up for the first time for six months or longer. Local quotas already add up to 523, surpassing the international goal.

In Newark, New Jersey, Militant supporters attended The People’s Peace Conference at Rutgers University the day the drive began. “Two people at the conference each renewed for six months, on the spot,” reported Sara Lobman, a garment worker and member of UNITE HERE Local 169. “Two others said they will renew.”

“We also sold two renewals at the Militant Labor Forum, one to a student and one to an immigrant rights activist,” Lobman said.

Those renewing their subscriptions or signing up for a new long-term sub can take advantage of special offers on Pathfinder books and pamphlets and New International magazine; The Working Class and the Transformation of Learning for $1; The First and Second Declarations of Havana and Cuba and the Coming American Revolution, for $5 each; and New International issues 12 and 13, for $25 together.

Join the effort! Contact the Militant directly or distributors listed on page 8 to get involved.

Click here to see the 'Militant' subscription renewal drive chart

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