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Vol. 71/No. 37      October 8, 2007

Join ‘Militant’ subscription campaign!
The Militant is launching a seven-week campaign to increase our circulation starting September 29.

There will be many opportunities to get the paper out over the next seven weeks: antiwar marches, activities in support of five framed-up Cuban revolutionaries currently held in U.S. jails, and continuing actions against immigration raids and deportations.

Protests demanding justice for the Jena Six, and regular sales of the paper in the Black community, are another great way to meet people who should subscribe to the socialist press. Sixty-eight people picked up subscriptions to the paper at a September 20 march in Jena, Louisiana. Participants also bought more than $500 worth of Pathfinder books. At a rest stop between Jena and New York, a truck driver got a six-month subscription and took several more copies of the paper to distribute.

Militant supporters will also go to the western coal fields in the coming weeks to win new readers and renewals from those who subscribed during the recent Utah mine disaster.

Ned Dmytryshyn writes from Vancouver, British Columbia, “Striking loggers gave a warm reception to the Militant team” during a September 14-16 visit to Northern Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Militant distributors sold four subscriptions and two copies of the pamphlet The Working Class and the Transformation of Learning to striking forestry workers there.

We will publish the international goal in next weeks issue.

The drive ends November 18. To get involved, contact Militant distributors near you listed on page 8; or order a bundle to share with co-workers, neighbors, and friends, by contacting the Militant at the address listed on page 2.

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