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Vol. 71/No. 37      October 8, 2007

25, 50 and 75 years ago
October 8, 1982
Claiming that they will act “to restore peace to Beirut,” President Reagan has ordered 1,200 marines into Lebanon. Eight hundred landed in Beirut September 29, with more expected to follow.

The U.S. Marines, along with French and Italian troops, are acting as an occupation force in behalf of the right-wing Christian forces that were handed governmental power by the Israeli army in late August.

Both Washington and Tel Aviv favor the establishment of a stable rightist government in Lebanon. That was one of the goals of the Israeli invasion. The massacre in West Beirut made it politically impossible for the Israeli army to carry out that task in the Lebanese capital. Therefore, the ball has been passed to the U.S.-French-Italian “peacekeeping” force.  
October 7, 1957
The events in Little Rock have a profound significance for the American labor movement. It is no mere coincidence that a professional strike-breaker was an organizer and leader of the white mob violence.

This Jim-Crow, antiunion South has become a haven for runaway industries and plants seeking cheap labor. It has supplied a powerful bloc of rabid labor-haters to Congress.

The union leaders know this. It makes their failure to take a militant lead in the school integration fight, particularly in Little Rock, all the more shameful. They don’t want to embarrass the Democratic Party.

That is the stand of a morally-bankrupt opportunist. The labor movement is paying a heavy price, and will pay more, for this alliance with beneficiaries and protectors of Jim Crow.  
October 8, 1932
The case of the nine Negro boys who were framed in Scottsboro, Alabama, by the white southern bourbons on a trumped-up charge of rape is now approaching a tentative conclusion. On October 10, the Supreme Court of the United States is to review the case. That the case has gone so far is entirely to the credit of the International Labor Defense and the Communist party which have fought in this case with an agitational ardor that is truly admirable.

The demonstrations called for by the party for October 8, throughout the United States, must be supported by every class-conscious worker. We must not leave to the so-called impartiality of the Supreme Court the fate of the Scottsboro boys. We must demonstrate in mass for our demand the Negro boys of Scottsboro do not burn!  
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