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Vol. 71/No. 41      November 5, 2007

Militant Fund payments pick up
WASHINGTON—This week we received $15,774 toward the Militant Fund, making it the best week so far. That’s close to the pace of collection of contributions that will be needed over the next five weeks to make the $100,000 goal by November 25. Partisans of the Militant in San Francisco and Los Angeles led the way this week, sending just over $3,500 each.

In Chicago, 29 supporters of the socialist press contributed and pledged $750 at an October 21 Militant Fund event, reports John Hawkins.

Dennis Richter, who gave the fund pitch, underscored the enthusiastic response of Militant supporters in the area to the fund. Richter announced that in Chicago they have raised their goal by $1,000.

Other areas need to follow their example by raising their quotas in order to close the more than $2,000 shortfall in pledges.

The featured speaker in Chicago was the Militant’s Washington correspondent and fund director, Sam Manuel. The meeting was on “From New Orleans to Jena: Fight for a Workers and Farmers Government to End Racism and Exploitation of Working People.”

Beverly Wilson, who met supporters of the Militant the day before at a meeting of the Chicago National Action Network, attended the fund event. She described how she was dragged from her car and roughed up by cops while taking her two children to school. Wilson is Black.

An October 19 Militant Fund event in Newark collected $950, reports Brian Williams. The event featured Ma’mud Shirvani, who spoke on “U.S. Hands Off Iran: Oppose Washington’s Sanctions and Military Threats.”

William Warren, a meat packer and member of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1245, spoke about how well the Militant was received at the Jena Six demonstration recently held in Newark. Warren helped to distribute the paper there.

Ingrid Franco, a Young Socialist and student at Rutgers University, said the Militant helps to publicize the activities of the YS, especially through the weekly “Young Socialists in Action” column.

To make a contribution, contact local distributors listed on page 8 or send checks payable to the Militant at the address listed on page 2.

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