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Vol. 72/No. 6      February 11, 2008

25, 50 and 75 years ago
February 11, 1983
Thousands of Cubans marched January 22 in response to the call of the World Front in Solidarity With the People of El Salvador for international actions against U.S. intervention.

The demonstrations were held all over Cuba, municipality by municipality, organized through the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs). The CDRs are the fundamental organizational units of the revolution, carrying out tasks ranging from defense to serving, for example, as the base of the militias and People’s Power—the system of workers democracy in Cuba.

The demonstrations involved people from all the Cuban mass organizations. In addition, people from Africa, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico who are living in Cuba joined in, bearing their own national flags.

Demonstrators chanted “We are armed in order to conquer peace” and carried banners and placards with slogans supporting the people of El Salvador and Nicaragua.  
February 10, 1958
SEATTLE, Feb. 2—Terry Pettus, Northwest editor of the People’s World, a west coast weekly associated with the Communist Party, today announced his support to Jack Wright for the Seattle City Council. Wright is running on the platform of the Socialist Workers Party and has the endorsement of Local 158, International Molders and Foundry Workers, to which he belongs. Growing united socialist support for Wright was given strong added impetus with the release on Jan. 28 of a letter of endorsement from Vincent Hallinan, 1952 Progressive Party Presidential candidate, who has been playing a major role in the national movement for united socialist action.

Terry Pettus, one of the Seattle Smith Act victims who recently won reversal of their conviction, declared his support of Wright at a Washington Pension Union forum this afternoon. Pettus told the forum that Wright has been virtually the only candidate to inject real issues into the campaign.  
February 11, 1933

To all branches, members, and supporters of the Left Opposition.


The League is reacting to the German crisis with the greatest campaign of its history. It is precisely at the moment of sharp turns and world-shaking events, when the Centrist bureaucracy reveals its impotence and bankruptcy, that the Left Opposition must show its political initiative, its boldness, and its capacity to multiply its activities many fold. From this point of view the National Committee has already taken a number of decisive steps which are shaking the Communist movement in New York to its foundations.

The first of these actions, and the pivotal point of our campaign, is the decision to publish the MILITANT during the next month THREE TIMES A WEEK!  
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