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Vol. 72/No. 6      February 11, 2008

Message from Sophie Harkat to event
The following are excerpts of a message from Sophie Harkat to the meeting to celebrate the life of Robert Simms. Harkat’s husband Mohamed was jailed for more than three years in Canada without charges and threatened with deportation to Algeria under a federal “security certificate” alleging he was an al-Qaeda “sleeper agent.” Released on bail in 2006 and living in Ottawa, he was just re-arrested January 29 on false charges that he broke the severe bail conditions.

I would have been honoured to be there in person, but I’m unable to attend Robert’s memorial because I’m under house arrest with my husband Mohamed Harkat since June 21st, 2000… . Robert would never accept this kind of injustice in our country. Robert believed in justice, rights and freedom for everyone. He took a stand for us and many Canadians and for that I thank him… .

I met Robert back when the issue of Security Certificates was new in the media. The activism blood was still fresh in my veins. I was happy and surprised to see him and Patricia O’Beirne, who had decided to come down and show their support for a vigil I was having for my husband back in April of 2003. I was amazed that two supporters drove down to support us… .

Now we need you to take a stand so my husband and the other Security Certificate detainees get a fair and open trial. We need to Stop Secret Trials in Canada once and for all. Secrecy is ruining lives and futures and has no place in a democratic country. Do it for justice… . do it in memory of Robert.  
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