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Vol. 72/No. 21      May 26, 2008

‘Militant’ supporters poised for
success in subscription drive
(front page)
May 14—The eight-week campaign to win new subscribers to the Militant is heading into its final stretch. The international effort is slightly ahead of schedule for an in-full and on-time finish May 18.

While the overall international goal of 2,400 new readers is within reach, we want to make sure that every single local area that took a quota makes its target. About half of all cities are on schedule to date.

“Four Militant supporters sold 11 subscriptions and 36 singles at the Rochelle Foods plant gate May 10,” writes Laura Anderson from Chicago. “Some new subscribers had purchased the Militant at a previous plant gate sale. One convinced everyone in his van to contribute. ‘We have to know more about what’s going on,’ he said.”

“We had a great weekend,” reports Susan LaMont from Carrollton, Georgia. “We sold 17 subscriptions going door-to-door in Douglasville, Cedartown, and Carrollton.” Lamont also said that supporters of the paper from that west Georgia town teamed up with others from Atlanta to sell subscriptions at the Sweet Auburn street festival in downtown Atlanta over the weekend.

“Last week, we sold 15 subscriptions,” writes Joe Young from Montreal. “Nine of those were during the tour here of Alyson Kennedy, the Socialist Workers Party candidate for vice president of the United States. Among the subscriptions sold during the tour were three at a picket line of striking teaching aids at McGill University, two to Petrocan workers locked out since last November, two at a demonstration to support the Palestinian struggle, and two at a table at Vieux-Montreal College.”

There are ample opportunities to win new readers to the socialist press: from protests against immigration raids and deportations to actions demanding justice for those brutalized by cops, from truckers in California stopping work to demand relief from high fuel prices to nursing home workers striking for health care benefits in the Bronx, New York.

All out for the final week! Let’s have a great finish! To get involved in efforts to expand the Militant’s subscription base in your area, contact the distributors nearest you listed on page 8.

'Militant' Spring 2008 Subscription Drive chart: week 7 of 8

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