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Vol. 72/No. 21      May 26, 2008

As we go to press…
Minnesota meat packers approve contract
(front page)
SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minnesota, May 14—As we go to press, workers at Dakota Premium Foods here approved a new contract by 94 to 51. In this round, workers beat back some of the bosses’ worst demands, winning better pay and more union access to the plant.

The company has been on an 11-month drive against the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 789 and its members in the plant.

One of the workers’ central demands—slow the line speed with worker verification—is not addressed in the new contract. The battle will now accelerate over safety issues.

The meat packers of UFCW Local 789 have set an example in their resistance to company attempts to impose onerous working conditions. They deserve the support of the entire labor movement in their struggle to defend life and limb, and for dignity on the job.

The Militant will have full coverage of the fight at Dakota and the recent contract settlement in its next issue, as part of spreading the example of this struggle to other packinghouse workers in the region.


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