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Vol. 73/No. 47      December 7, 2009

Welcome to our readers
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Congratulations to all those who helped to make the fall 2009 campaign to expand the readership of the Militant a success. We welcome the 2,008 workers, students, and others who subscribed to this socialist newsweekly during the recent eight-week drive.

This week’s issue features several articles on the fights of working people and youth against the consequences of the dictatorship of capital, which has led to the opening phase of the deepest economic and social crisis working people have faced in their lifetimes.

Worker correspondents for the Militant in cities around the world are active participants not only in the struggles they report on; they are also involved with fellow workers in forging a program and a revolutionary party that can lead working people in taking political power out of the hands of the ruling minority of billionaire capitalist families.

This week’s issue features articles on protests by students in California against tuition hikes; the escalating attack on immigrant workers by President Barack Obama’s administration; the sentencing of five African American workers in Liberty City—a largely African American section of Miami; protests by independent truckers in Los Angeles against “environmental” regulations that hamper their ability to earn a living; and on a conference in Holguín, Cuba, to map continued plans in the fight to win the freedom of five Cuban revolutionaries unjustly held in U.S. jails for 11 years on frame-up conspiracy charges.

Over the coming months the Militant will continue to campaign for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all the imperialist military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq; it will champion the fight of immigrant workers and the right of women to abortion; and will speak out against killer cops. We are confident that over that time you will come to see the Militant as an indispensable tool and become a long-term subscriber.

We encourage all of our readers to send in correspondence on strikes, protests, and other fights taking place at your job, in your city, or on your campus.

Supporters of the Militant will continue to get this working-class perspective into the hands of those who need it. To help in this ongoing effort contact a distributor listed on page 8.  
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