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Vol. 73/No. 49      December 21, 2009

Guineans rally at UN
against junta’s massacre
Militant/Ben Joyce

NEW YORK—Some 250 Guineans living in the United States and their supporters rallied at the United Nations here December 9. Organizers of the protest said it was called to draw world attention to the killing of more than 150 people and the rape of many women by the Guinean military at a pro-democracy rally at a stadium in the capital city of Conakry September 28. The rally held at the United Nations also demanded a return to civilian rule of Guinea. Many protesters carried signs with photos on them of the September 28 attacks by the military.

Speakers at the rally here included Kadiatou Diallo, the mother of Amadou Diallo, a Guinean immigrant who was killed by the New York City cops in 1999; former New York City mayor David Dinkins; Norman Siegel, head of the New York Civil Liberties Union, and Francois Fall, a Guinean bourgeois party opposition leader.


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