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Vol. 74/No. 11      March 22, 2010

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‘Militant’, book campaign
presents communist response
Militant/Naomi Craine
Militant supporter James Harris sells Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power with paper at March 4 protest against education cuts in Los Angeles.

Supporters of the Militant newspaper begin an eight-week drive March 13 to win new readers and introduce them to the book Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power by Jack Barnes. This effort will be combined with a campaign to raise $110,000 to keep the paper’s working-class perspective coming out every week. We urge all of our readers to join in both of these campaigns.

The spring drive to gain 2,000 new and returning readers of the Militant is a response to the growing numbers of workers, farmers, and youth around the world today who are reacting to the effects of the capitalist economic and social crisis, looking to understand it, and want to fight back.

The Militant subscription campaign this spring will be a drive of a different kind that puts sales of the Workers Power book at the center of presenting a communist response to the ongoing world capitalist crisis. The book is an essential contribution to the discussion of what way forward for working people today.

As the introduction to the book explains, “Only the conquest, and exercise, of state power by the working class and expropriation of finance capital can lay the foundations for a world based not on exploitation, violence, racial discrimination, class-based pecking orders, and dog-eat-dog competition, but on solidarity among working people that encourages the creativity and recognition of the worth of every individual, regardless of sex, national origin, or skin color. A socialist world.”

The first round of discussions by supporters of the Militant internationally resulted in initial goals totaling 1,800 new subscriptions for the spring campaign, 200 short of the projected goal of 2,000. In order to close the gap, each area has pledged to rediscuss their quotas this week. The chart presenting the local goals will be published in next week’s issue of the Militant, along with the first few days of sales results of subscriptions and Workers Power books.

The Militant fund drive chart appears in this issue. Local areas have already pledged near to the $110,000 goal, indicating a confident start to the fund-raising campaign.
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