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Vol. 74/No. 46      December 6, 2010

Maryland socialist
It saddens me that there were no Socialist candidates in Maryland in the recent elections. I seek aid in developing a base of Socialists here in Bel Air, Maryland. I write to ask about any possible way I could be put into contact with the Socialist Workers Party directly, in order to help me further the workers’ goals in this dark corner of the political right.

Nelson Meranski
Bel Air, Maryland

Safe drinking water
One billion people worldwide do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. Yet one gallon of household bleach will treat 3,800 gallons of water. It takes only water, salt, electrodes, and electricity to make bleach. The carbon rods in household batteries are all you need. An apparatus that an eight-grade student could build for a science fair. Yet despite its simplicity it remains out of reach for 1 billion people worldwide.

Kim O’Brien
Willimantic, Connecticut

Thank you
Thank you for reporting true news stories, even if it’s not what everyone wants to hear.

Lyndsey Waletzke
Austin, Minnesota

The letters column is an open forum for all viewpoints on subjects of interest to working people. Please keep your letters brief. Where necessary they will be abridged. Please indicate if you prefer that your initials be used rather than your full name.

‘Militant’ Prisoners’ Fund
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