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Vol. 76/No. 12      March 26, 2012

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All out for final days in effort to
win long-term ‘Militant’ readers!
Militant/John Naubert
Edwin Fruit, left, showing Militant to Longshore worker at Seattle union hiring hall March 5.

All out for the final days of the 2012 Militant renewal campaign! With just five days left to go, supporters of the working-class press are mobilizing to meet the international goal of winning 500 renewals and long-term readers. So far we have signed up 448 renewals and long-term subscribers, 90 percent of the goal.

“Keep up the good work for labor,” wrote Gary Dworak, secretary treasurer of the International Association of Machinists Local 516, in a note to the Militant along with $35 to renew his subscription for one year.

“I really like the Militant,” Dworak, who works at Manitowoc Co.’s ice-making machine factory in Manitowoc, Wis., told the Militant by phone. “I take it to work and pass it around. I’m hoping others will want to subscribe.”

Following a one-month strike, members of Local 516 at Manitowoc’s nearby crane manufacturing plant voted Jan. 19 to accept a contract. The agreement included some “open-shop” stipulations, although workers forced the company to modify the bosses’ initial demands and strengthened their union through a hard-fought battle.

The union contract at Manitowoc Ice expires April 1. “The company has proposed a one-year extension with no pay raises,” said Dworak.

In the Bay Area four workers at American Licorice Co. renewed their subscriptions at plant gate sales. “One worker who was a leader of picketing and subscribed during the strike had her $10 ready for a 12-week renewal when she drove out,” Joel Britton told the Militant. “Another worker renewed and got The Cuban Five booklet. A week later, two more workers renewed their subscriptions, three signed up for introductory subs, and six got single copies.” Workers went on strike for five weeks last December against the company’s attack on their health plan.

“The Militant reports the reality for workers and acts as their voice,” said Abdul Daw, a student in London who renewed his subscription for three months.

The final result will be printed in the next issue. All renewals and long-term subs will be counted until the end of Tuesday, March 20.
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