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Vol. 76/No. 14      April 9, 2012

Join effort to get ‘Militant’
into hands of workers
(front page)
The Militant is urging its readers to join in a campaign to sell the paper to the many workers and others who are outraged at the cold-blooded lynching of Trayvon Martin and looking for ways to do something about it. Among them we’ll find those who are open to a working-class explanation of why this racist violence is part and parcel of capitalist America and why a socialist revolution is needed in this country.

The Militant is a tool in the campaign for the arrest and prosecution of the vigilante killer who took Martin’s life and for making the truth known.

This is the time to sell subscriptions to the socialist paper going door to door and at street tables in working-class neighborhoods, at work, on picket lines and other labor resistance to the bosses’ assaults on working people, and at protest actions and demonstrations.

The Militant has been explaining why the fight for Black liberation is key for unifying the working class and building a revolutionary movement of workers and our toiling allies to overthrow the capitalist exploiters and begin to establish a society based on solidarity and dignity.

To help advance the discussion on these questions, the book Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power by Jack Barnes, national secretary of the Socialist Workers Party, is being offered at a reduced price of $10 with a subscription to the Militant or $15 without.

Join this effort. To get more information or to order a Militant bundle, call a distributor in your area (see page 6) or contact the Militant office (see page 2).

As this issue of the paper comes off press, a reporting team of worker correspondents is on its way to Sanford, Fla. You can help cover the cost of this special trip by sending a contribution to the Militant office earmarked “Militant Reporting Trips.”
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