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Vol. 76/No. 25      June 25, 2012

First-time contributors
help put fund over the top
A big hooray and thank you to all our contributors! We’ve gone over the top!

Working people have contributed more than $120,000 to the Militant Fighting Fund, which keeps the socialist newsweekly publishing. All areas, except New York and San Francisco, made their local goals, some going substantially over.

Contributions from a number of workers giving to the Militant for the first time put us over the top, wrote Tom Baumann from Miami.

“I donated to help the struggle of the working man,” Joaquin, a warehouse worker and first-time contributor, told Baumann.

Kyle Enty, a substitute teacher, is a new contributor from Philadelphia. He shows other teachers the Militant. “I find that it’s important to keep information about working-class struggles moving out to other working people. Especially from a worker’s perspective instead of the mainstream media,” Enty told Militant distributors there.

Nine new contributors helped Des Moines go over their goal, wrote Ellen Brickley. Six were workers who had participated in the 10-month fight against the lockout by Roquette America in Keokuk, Iowa, last year.

“Glad to contribute. I really like the Militant,” said Cliff Mack who works at an auto plant near Toronto and is a regular contributor. “Very factual. You really make an effort to get everything right. The Militant also helps us look into the future. There are many battles to come and we will learn from one another.”
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