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Vol. 76/No. 27      July 23, 2012

Endorse, use campaign!
(lead article, editorial)

The Socialist Workers Party candidates—James Harris for president, Maura DeLuca for vice president and the 34 state and local candidates across the country—are finding interest in the working class, labor, socialist campaign on a scale not seen in years.

The SWP campaign is a part of broader efforts by a developing vanguard in the working class to organize effective resistance to the assaults of the bosses and their government. Like other groups of militant workers, the campaign seeks to link up with and build solidarity with workers’ struggles whenever and wherever they emerge.

The campaign is getting out the truth about these fights as it also tells the truth about the long road of struggle ahead and the character of the crisis for which the propertied rulers have no solution. What we confront is a systemic crisis of capitalism, which has only just begun. This will pose the need for a revolutionary struggle to wrest power from the propertied rulers and replace it with the political rule of the working class.

The Socialist Workers campaign seeks to give a voice to those under attack, from big cities to small towns; from the picket lines and the factory floors to those without work; from small farmers, families whose homes have been foreclosed and others saddled with unpayable debt burdens to those protesting police brutality, attacks on immigrant workers, or U.S. wars.

The dog-eat-dog social values propagated by capitalism foster competition and myriad divisions among working people—within national borders and as an international class. Through collective struggle, we can come to both recognize our self-worth and break down these divisions. This is the lesson of the mighty battles workers and toilers have fought—from the proletarian Black rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s to the Cuban Revolution of 1959.

We urge other fighters to see this campaign as their own. Use it as a tribune of the working class and its allies. Use it to help spread solidarity. Use it as an opportunity to engage in a discussion on how we can advance the interests of working people against those of the capitalist class and their political parties. Sign up on the endorser card and help the Socialist Workers candidates meet others you know. Volunteer to help in one of the petition drives to put them on the ballot. Make a donation to help the candidates join the struggles as they tour across the country.
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