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Vol. 76/No. 40      November 5, 2012

25, 50 and 75 years ago

November 6, 1987

SHERIDAN, Wyo.—In what is becoming a major showdown between the labor movement and big business, 84 striking coal miners were arrested and charged with “disorderly conduct” here on October 23. The miners were participating in a sit-down blockade that prevented two busloads of scabs from leaving Sheridan for the Decker Coal Co. mine.

Some 270 members of United Mine Workers of America Local 1972 have been on strike since the beginning of October at the large Decker strip mine.

The UMWA is demanding contract provisions protecting their membership’s jobs from being eliminated by subcontracting.

The company is seeking cuts in medical care coverage and a wage freeze. But union members point out that wages are not the real issue. They say the company wants to bust their union.

November 5, 1962

NEW YORK—Record-breaking demonstrations here protested Kennedy’s blockade of Cuba. On Oct. 27, 2,000 persons picketed in Hammarskjold Plaza, near the United Nations, in defense of Cuba. Called by several organizations, including the Committee to Halt World War III and the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, the picket was the biggest ever held at the UN in defense of the Cuban Revolution.

The following day, some 10,000 persons demonstrated in the same place in opposition to the war threat.

Protests began in New York City immediately following Kennedy’s Oct. 22 speech announcing the blockade. Several groups originally called for a demonstration in Times Square. The New York police commissioner arbitrarily proclaimed a ban on all Times Square demonstrations “for the duration of the Cuban crisis.”

November 6, 1937

Twenty years ago this week there took place the greatest event in the history of mankind. Led by those magnificent, firm, and clearsighted men forged by Lenin into the Bolshevik Party, the workers of Petrograd began the era of the socialist revolution. Mankind, after untold centuries of barbarism, violence, ignorance, brutality, oppression, was nearing its maturity. Men, grown conscious of their destiny, were launching the final conflict to lift themselves out of the darkness of pre-history into the freedom and expansion of a truly human society.

No courage ever before witnessed was comparable to the courage of these workers and their leaders.

With them was the future of mankind. With them was the cry for justice burning in the hearts of the oppressed and suffering. With them were the hopes and aspirations of the masses.  
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