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Vol. 76/No. 45      December 10, 2012

‘I urge everyone to contribute to
the SWP Party-Building Fund’
The Des Moines area is at the top of the Socialist Workers Party fund chart for the second week in a row. Fund supporters there also raised their goal from $2,250 to $2,400 and have already sent in $1,463!

“This week, we adopted a goal of 15 first-time contributors,” said Des Moines-area fund director Chuck Guerra, in a Nov. 26 phone interview. “As of today, we have four such contributors, all people who threw in an extra few dollars when we met them going door to door with the Militant.”

In Los Angeles, two recent Militant subscribers who have begun to help distribute the paper also decided to contribute. Kevin Cole, a postal worker and an officer with the American Postal Workers Union Local 917 in Anaheim, Calif., delivered his $200 contribution to a party member at the Nov. 23 “Black Friday” protest outside the Walmart store in Paramount, Calif.

“It’s important to urge everyone to try to contribute to the party-building fund, to reach out broadly,” Cole said.

High school student Jesus Landeros, 17, pledged $10 to the fund. Since subscribing to the socialist newsweekly two months ago, Landeros has regularly helped sell subscriptions. “I don’t have that much money, but a little amount will do something,” he said.

Last week, contributors sent in $11,205 to the fund, representing a much-needed increase in the pace of contributions. Let’s get more areas on schedule next week.

Contributions can be sent to the SWP address nearest you (see page 8) or directly to the SWP National Office at 306 W. 37th St., 10th floor, NY, NY 10018.

Susan LaMont is the director of the 2012 SWP Party-Building Fund.
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