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Vol. 76/No. 45      December 10, 2012

Socialist candidates in LA:
‘Put millions to work now!’
PARAMOUNT, Calif.—Socialist Workers Party candidates Norton Sandler and Eleanor García and supporters of the SWP ticket campaigned door to door in working-class neighborhoods, petitioned to get on the ballot, and participated in workers’ actions over the last week.

Sandler, an electrical assembler, is running for mayor of Los Angeles and García, an aerospace worker, is running for L.A. School Board in District 2.

“We are here to support the Walmart workers in their struggle for decent pay, working conditions, and dignity on the job,” Sandler told participants in the Nov. 23 Walmart protest here. “Our campaign calls for a massive government-funded public works program to build schools, hospitals, day care centers, roads and bridges. Tens of thousands of unemployed in California and millions across the country without jobs could be put to work immediately.”

“Several workers participating in the protest signed a petition to help my campaign get on the ballot,” Sandler said. Forty-three copies of the Militant were sold during the day, along with 12 subscriptions.

Earlier both SWP candidates visited picket lines being staffed by members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers union on strike at Hostess Brands bakeries before the company, which had declared bankruptcy and demanded deep concessions from the workers, decided to shutter its plants.

“I was impressed by the decision the workers made not to let the company roll over them,” García told the Militant. “They were telling the bosses that it stops here, we’re not going to give any more back.”

“They have frozen our wages, doubled what we pay in health care benefits—all of it implemented through the bankruptcy court,” Hostess striker Diane Kimberley told Sandler. “Now they want more.”

In 2009, the company emerged from a previous bankruptcy with the workers having granted significant concessions.

“The company said it was going to invest in new technology and modernize the plants. I gave back $10 a week like other workers did,” said Trolange Carr, who lost two fingers, he said, in a damaged machine the company refused to properly repair in 2004. “The only thing they put in here were new sinks.”

The primary election in Los Angeles is March 5.
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