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Vol. 76/No. 47      December 24, 2012

Socialist Workers Party wins new
fund contributors across US
At the end of the sixth week of the $100,000 Socialist Workers Party fund, contributors around the country have sent in $53,633. Last week’s $15,803 was the best so far. Fund supporters will need to send in an average of $23,200 each of the next two weeks to make the goal by Dec. 24.

Reports from several cities show the momentum building for the fund.

Chicago: Charlie Brown, a machinist at Electro-Motive Diesel, has contributed $75 and joined in getting the Militant into the hands of other workers, on the job and going door to door in working-class neighborhoods. “I feel honored to be participating,” Brown said, referring to the Militant subscription effort. “To me this has been an eye-opener. Once you see the truth about what’s going on, you want to involve other people too.

“It’s important that we contribute to the Party-Building Fund,” Brown added. “To keep doing what you’re doing, you need money. It has to come from workers who appreciate the Militant.”

Des Moines: Supporters have raised their goal a second time, to $2,700! “We now have 11 first-time contributors out of our goal of 15,” reports Chuck Guerra. “The three new contributors since last week came from a new reader who contributed $5 when he bought a subscription; a worker at a plastics plant who contributed $1; and a school janitor, who is an officer in his union local in eastern Iowa, who pledged $20.”

Seattle: Tina Taylor, a teacher in Tacoma and member of the Washington Education Association, contributed $10 after signing up for a subscription and buying The Working Class and the Transformation of Learning, a book on special during the drive. “It’s important that people understand it’s workers who keep the country afloat,” Taylor said. “They talk about ‘poor people,’ meaning us. Without our voice, everyone loses. I think it is important to help out when you have even a little extra.”

Miami: Militant distributors Anthony Dutrow and Tom Baumann set up a socialist literature table at the International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1526 hiring hall in Ft. Lauderdale early morning Dec. 8, selling 10 single copies of the Militant and one book. Tangielar Mothersill, one of several ILA Militant subscribers, stopped to chat and looked at the fund chart. “You are doing an outstanding job of getting information out,” she said, handing over a $5 contribution.

New York: To date, 32 workers and young people have donated for the first time. Individual contributions range from $1 to $100 and add up to more than $600.

A final chart will appear in the first Militant of 2013, shipped Jan. 3.

Contributions can be sent to the SWP address nearest you (see page 8) or directly to the SWP National Office at 306 W. 37th St., 10th floor, NY, NY 10018.
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