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Vol. 77/No. 10      March 18, 2013

Oppose imperialist squeeze on Iran!

Working people the world over should oppose the new sanctions Washington is organizing to impose on Iran and demand an immediate, unconditional halt to all existing measures aimed at imposing hardships on the Iranian people and forcing Tehran to abandon its program of nuclear research.

Expanding electrification, including through the use of nuclear power, is a necessary step for any underdeveloped, semicolonial country like Iran to advance industry, agriculture, medicine and culture.

The hypocrisy of U.S. imperialism knows no bounds! As it selectively dictates to nations it has oppressed and threatened for decades—from Iran to North Korea—what weapons they can and cannot possess, Washington stands as the only power to have unleashed nuclear holocaust, incinerating hundreds of thousands of working people in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

Nuclear weapons have only one use: to kill masses of innocent people. No government stands on higher moral ground on this question than that of Cuba. The rejection of military tactics that could lead to the slaughter of innocent people is a matter of proletarian morality, which has distinguished the Cuban Revolution from its inception.

“We have never considered producing nuclear weapons because we don’t need them,” Fidel Castro said in 2005. For more than five decades, revolutionary Cuba has defended itself from Washington’s unremitting hostility with the mobilization, political consciousness and military preparedness of millions of workers and farmers.

“We have a different type of nuclear weapon,” Castro added. “It’s our ideas. We possess a weapon as powerful as nuclear ones and it is the magnitude of the justice we are fighting for. Our nuclear weapons is the invincible power of moral weapons. That is why we have never considered producing them, nor has it crossed our mind to seek biological weapons, what for? Weapons to combat death, to combat AIDS, to combat diseases, to fight against cancer, that’s what we dedicate our resources to.”

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