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Vol. 77/No. 40      November 11, 2013

Vote Socialist Workers Party!

Socialist Workers Party candidates are running for a wide range of municipal offices as tribunes of the working class and its allies. They are joining strike picket lines, opposing deportations of immigrant workers, protesting killings by cops, standing for women’s right to choose abortion.

The socialist candidates have been raising the need for workers to fight for a government-funded public works program to put millions of jobless to work building and repairing the things we need — schools, hospitals, day care centers, libraries, and deteriorating infrastructure. And to fight for a big increase in the minimum wage to raise the living standards of all working people being chipped away by the bosses’ offensive and by rising prices.

These immediate demands are aimed at putting us in a stronger position to fight back against the bosses’ drive to restore their profit rates on our backs and at breaking down divisions and competition among working people and raising our self-confidence and combative spirit.

The bosses are backed by the cops, the courts and government agencies at every level. Just as the unions need to be transformed through struggle into organizations that can push back the bosses and champion the interests of all working people, the workers’ movement needs to break politically from the bosses’ parties, the Democrats and Republicans, and set out on an independent, revolutionary course toward workers power.

The candidates point out the need for working people in the U.S. to see ourselves as part of an international working class, with the same interests and a common enemy. They oppose U.S. threats of military intervention in Syria as part of backing the struggles of workers there against government repression and for political space to act in their interests. They stand in solidarity with garment workers fighting in Bangladesh for the right to a union and safety on the job.

They point to the example of the socialist revolution in Cuba for workers everywhere. Workers and farmers there, under the leadership of Fidel Castro and the July 26 Movement, were drawn by the millions into the battle to throw off the dog-eat-dog values and social relations of capitalist society — and transform themselves in the process. The SWP candidates help build support for the international campaign to free the Cuban Five, themselves products of the Cuban Revolution worthy of emulation by working-class fighters in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Vote Socialist Workers! Pull the lever or write in the SWP candidates running in your city listed on page 6.
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